Verrico Associates

Case Studies

Consumer Products Company

Client Challenge: Client is a global consumer and industrial products manufacturer with a long history of private ownership. The organization is in the business of producing materials serving the detergent, pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum, catalyst, water treatment, construction, and beverage markets. To fulfill obligations of its trade association and several regulatory compliance issues, the Client was required to internally and externally certify its management system to several internationally-recognized ISO specifications at all of its US locations, including its headquarters.

Practical Solution: Verrico participated with all of the Client’s domestic operations in a process to implement and audit its integrated environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) management system. This process included an attestation letter for each facility by a certified Verrico auditor, after the initial internal audit and evidence of all identified issues being corrected to address the systemic causes.

Verrico has also assisted in the Client's acquisition of a medium-sized business from another manufacturing company, helping them to integrate management system documentation and organizational cultures, including a review of how to integrate recognized ISO certifications.

Result: As a result of this process, the Client has seen the following improvements:
− employee awareness and improved safety culture;
− business product stewardship management in light of customer and industry requirements;
− alignment of EHS&S programs and training with specific performance issues, generating a safer and more environmentally conscious workplace; and
− a consistent leadership commitment and message related to EHS&S and quality management.

Large Chemical Company

Client Challenge: Verrico Associates’ valued Client is one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturing companies. With a strong global presence, nearly 100,000 employees and over 200 manufacturing locations worldwide, this Client has a diverse set of products, markets served, cultural issues and organizational risks.

The Client had a need to audit all of its US facilities to better understand how it is complying with chemical industry and trade association requirements, to ensure its certification and membership in the American Chemistry Council (ACC). Internal resources did not have the breadth of audit experience that the company was looking for, nor intricate knowledge of the certification requirements from an audit perspective.

Practical Solution: The organization came to Verrico Associates to help conduct audits at all of its US faciliites, related to the Chemical industry’s Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) requirements and the risks and hazards of a very diverse set of operations. Working directly with North American management, Verrico Associates has conducted over 100 facility, business and headquarter audits to date for the Client, including long-standing industrial facilities and a number of new acquisitions. The audit team has worked with senior management, project coordinators and all levels of operations to ensure consistency and to identify issues commensurate with business priorities.

Result: The Client has significantly improved its RCMS across all facets of its businesses. This was particularly important in the context of its acquisition of several new companies, as Verrico Associates helped the Client ensure system consistency across approximately 50 facilities that represent newly acquired operations. Some improvements of note include:
− better definition and execution of risk assessment and prioritization process;
− consistent risk management activities in line with business and operational priorities;
− stronger understanding and adherence to corporate expectations with an emphasis on communication of critical expectations; and
− furthering of operational awareness in light of the organization’s cultural improvement process.

Large Oil Refiner

Client Challenge: Client is a producer of crude oil and natural gas, as well as the domestic refining, marketing and transportation of petroleum products. In light of recent industry events, Client was challenged to ensure that its operations were safe and environmentally sound, and desired to rigorously assess all facets of its business from a regulatory and cultural standpoint.

Practical Solution: Verrico Associates provided auditing, consulting and training for several the Client’s locations throughout the US. Verrico Associates helped the organization maintain its industry certification when this was in jeopardy, at the same time helping them to reduce large administrative burdens in their system.

Result: Sustainable EHS&S management systems were developed and improved at the Client with Verrico as a facilitator and partner. Specific activities and outcomes include:
− Cultural changes and performance improvements in the refining environment;
− Massive paperwork reduction throughout the system;
− Supply chain review and improvements, including the review of commercial partners in light of the system and policy commitments, resulting in a shift in how the organization does business with its suppliers and vendors;
− Building an internet-based system management tool, including a “road map” of existing system requirements and procedures to prevent re-inventing elements where existing processes were sufficient;
− Realigning departments and initiatives at one large refinery; and
− Assisting in certification to several voluntary management system standards, including ISO 14001, RC14001, OSHA VPP and the US EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track.

Medical Equipment Company

Client Challenge: Client is a producer of in vitro diagnostics with domestic and international sites. The organization had outsourced its environmental and quality management system and auditing process, and was looking to build a more robust system managed by its own resources.

Practical Solution: Verrico Associates was asked to provided consulting, auditing and training for the Client’s internal management team and functional resources. This included multi-functional training, update and development of effective procedures, audit team skills development and “shadow audits” with Senior Associates.

Result: Working directly with the management team, Verrico has helped to build and improve the environmental and quality management systems. Critical issues tackled include:
− transformation of objectives from “gut-feel based” improvements to a true performance based initiatives;
− aligning system requirements with prioritized environmental and quality issues;
− reducing paperwork and improving workflow, including better integration of existing processes within their system;
− using FDA-required/regulated processes to better manage risk and reduce non-value-added activities;
− realignment of responsibilities in light of true systemic needs; and
− improving the internal auditing system