Verrico Associates

Auditor Technique Training

This course covers audit principles and techniques required to effectively audit requirements in an organization.

Verrico Associates is the premier, exclusive trainer for the chemical industry's Responsible Care initiative. Our expert trainers have the extensive knowledge and experience to make this a value-added experience for participants of all backgrounds.

This course includes the development of protocols (which instructors will provide), setting up interviews, “floor” employee discussions, verifying information through tours and inspections, timetables and corrective action/follow-up.  A critical component of this course is the process to effectively gather objective evidence to develop audit conclusions.  

Our “ROI” approach to objective evidence will teach your auditors how to verify and assess:

  • Records and documentation to prove management system conformance;
  • Observations of processes and workplace conditions to validate documented expectations; and
  • Interviews with functional areas, to determine the level of awareness, understanding and adherence to system requirements.

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