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Logistics Safety
Regulatory compliance and customer confidence through a safe, safe, secure means of transport.

Many organizations have a system to manage operational upsets, and take great pride in their emergency response teams.  As business activities expand away from the site, additional challenges arise in terms of emergency management, compliance, security and carrier safety.  Verrico Associates helps Clients add value through logistics safety services, including:

Training: Supply Chain and Logistics training provides participants with specifics about how to apply logistics safety principles in their organization; the course is designed to ease the challenge of implementing these principles for the logistics and related functions of an organization.

System Development: Working within an organization, our experts help your organization satisfy critical requirements pertaining to logistics service providers by implementing a system to manage the selection and qualification of your supply chain, sharing of risk information and performance management.

Regulatory Support: Verrico Associates helps Clients maintain compliance by monitoring and interpreting transportation related regulations, preparing company-specific procedures and providing training to ensure value chain compliance.  

Additional service areas to create supply chain efficiency, compliance and value:

  • Transportation risk assessment
  • Logistics security assessment
  • Service provider performance tracking
  • Plant shipping/receiving assistance
  • Offsite response coordination