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Large Oil Refiner

Client Challenge: Client is a producer of crude oil and natural gas, as well as the domestic refining, marketing and transportation of petroleum products. In light of recent industry events, Client was challenged to ensure that its operations were safe and environmentally sound, and desired to rigorously assess all facets of its business from a regulatory and cultural standpoint.

Practical Solution: Verrico Associates provided auditing, consulting and training for several the Client’s locations throughout the US. Verrico Associates helped the organization maintain its industry certification when this was in jeopardy, at the same time helping them to reduce large administrative burdens in their system.

Result: Sustainable EHS&S management systems were developed and improved at the Client with Verrico as a facilitator and partner. Specific activities and outcomes include:
− Cultural changes and performance improvements in the refining environment;
− Massive paperwork reduction throughout the system;
− Supply chain review and improvements, including the review of commercial partners in light of the system and policy commitments, resulting in a shift in how the organization does business with its suppliers and vendors;
− Building an internet-based system management tool, including a “road map” of existing system requirements and procedures to prevent re-inventing elements where existing processes were sufficient;
− Realigning departments and initiatives at one large refinery; and
− Assisting in certification to several voluntary management system standards, including ISO 14001, RC14001, OSHA VPP and the US EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track.